Chimp @ Frankfurt Zoo, Germany

Primate Tenderness | Sonja Probst

I love to show the similarity between the primates and us humans. The adult apes raise their children, protect and teach them just like we do. But we can also see how their offspring can be mischievous just like our little ones. Sonja Probst is a photograph...
Trading to Extinction

Trading to Extinction | Patrick Brown

Patrick Brown is a documentary photographer from Sheffield, England; who is now based in Bangkok, Thailand. His work spans a breadth of issues affecting the Asian region but it's his work capturing the illegal global wildlife trade which caught our attention. ...
We Animals | Bear

We Animals | Jo-Anne McArthur

“Jo-Anne McArthur’s striking photography and incisive commentary will make you rethink how you relate to other animals. Her camera takes us into some of the darkest places of exploitation and mistreatment to let us see what is too often hidden from us. But she...