CERCOPAN is a UK conservation charity and a founding member of the PAN African Sanctuary Alliance (PASA) with offices in the UK and Nigeria. Founded by Canadian Zena Tooze in 1995 with its first headquarters based in Calabar, Nigeria. While taking a holistic approach to programming, the group focuses on the rainforests of South-Eastern Nigeria, which are considered to be a key region for primate biodiversity. 170+ current residents include: Preuss’s Guenons, Putty-Nosed Guenons, Mona Monkeys, Sclater’s Guenons, Red-Capped Mangabeys, and Red-Eared Guenons.

CERCOPAN has developed an integrated program covering forest conservation, environmental education and research, primate rehabilitation and community conservation. Using primates as the touch-stone for their entire program, they’ve created a holistic theme that addresses all of their objectives and local values. However, hunting still threatened the primates and the organization continues to care for orphaned monkeys from rescue to rehabilitation and when appropriate reintroduction to protected wilderness.

CERCOPAN has robust visitation and volunteer programs, including options for both short-term and long-term positions. They appreciate the skills and expertise brought to the project, and so accommodate a full range of opportunities including: ecotourism, interns, research and volunteering. Openings can range from 2 weeks to several years! Talk to them directly for more information.

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Brad Anthony is a Canadian ecologist and author who left his life behind to travel the world helping animals. He lives a simple, eco-savvy, mobile lifestyle, commonly found in a small village in Bali with a few of his closest monkey friends. Brad is the Founder of the Global Animal Welfare Development Society.

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