Douglas was a Chacma Baboon who lived in the Western Cape, South Africa. He was a member of the wild Loredo Troop who frequented the area and who used the Hebron Nature Reserve as a wildlife corridor between the dangerous adjacent farms and properties.

In the early morning hours of one ill-fated day in June, Douglas was illegally captured, barbarically tortured to death and eaten by employees of white Afrikaans dairy farmer, Peter Wilson, who publicly encourages the wholesale genocide of all primate people in the area surrounding his farm. He blames the primate sanctuary for the troops activity in the area, despite the clearly observable fact it his poor farming practices which lures the Vervet and Chacma troops onto the farm for easy pickings. Wilson is obviously not smart enough to connect the dots. Evidence exists showing he is directly responsible for the recent murders of all of the dominant members of the Loredo Troop: Matt, Douglas, Bud, Pacino and Quasimodo. We have no doubt he’s also responsible for the murders of the women and children of the troop as he encourages illegal shootings, stabbings and poisonings.

Douglas was named after my late father. He was a soft-spoken Baboon often found with his younger, mischievous brother Matt. Douglas was quite reserved and cautious, never one to get too close to humans however there were a few times we caught him red-handed rolling around on the blankets of the bed on the second floor balcony. He seemed to enjoy dressing up in the blankets, running around upstairs and a few times even tried to run away with them.

I will forever be haunted by the thoughts of his end; alone, terrified and in agony, suffering greatly at the hands of his human killers.

Unfortunately, in June 2013, we were heartbroken to discover our beloved Douglas had been lured into a makeshift cage on Peter Wilson’s farm, built from the ragged scraps of an old chicken coop. He was captured, stabbed repeatedly with sharp sticks and tortured to death. His broken body was taken by tractor to the nearby African township to be eaten. The man primarily responsible is an employee at Peter Wilson’s dairy farm and widely suspected to be involved in multiple murders of human women from the nearby township. Why he remained employed by Mr. Wilson remains to be seen however given the lack of moral character exhibited on teh farm, we doubt the suspect will ever be brought to justice. It was reported this summer that he had been arrested however lasting justice is not expected. Regardless, we know the murder was condoned by Peter Wilson and we expect related killings will continue into the future.

Douglas was five years old.

Learn about the killers here.

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