Stop Consuming Dairy Products Permanently

Milk only does a baby’s body good. For the rest of the world it causes everything from explosive, projectile diarrhea to death.

Lactose intolerance isn’t what you think it is. Fact is, it’s a normal genetic condition in human adults. Only one third of the human population can properly digest milk after the age of five because our bodies naturally slow or stop producing the necessary enzymes. If at some point you thought there was something wrong with you because you’re lactose intolerant, you’re actually the “normal” one – for lack of better terms. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you. The problem IS what you’re consuming.

“Besides prostate cancer, milk has been linked to asthma, anemia, allergies, juvenile-onset diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and ovarian and breast cancers.” Amy Lanou, Ph.D., Nutrition Director of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)

Humans did not evolve to drink milk into our adulthood; that much is known. Recent genetic discoveries are elucidating the role of a mutation, possibly starting somewhere around Turkey 10,000 years ago which began letting the Neolithic population digest milk past their early childhood. And yet today, the language about this issue, even from the medical community refers to this natural phenomena as a “syndrome“.

How did this happen? Well, it has something to do with the multi-million dollar baby that is the milk industry lobby who successfully duped average citizens that milk was the only viable source of calcium in our diets. This brainwashing program worked so well even lazy nutritionists continue to resell this bullshit to their clients and no one is any wiser. Thankfully more scrupulous people have seen past the white-wash – see what I did there – and actually studied the variety of calcium sources like any self-respecting critical thinker should. Question everything.

Even the Mayo Clinic misrepresents the natural reality of lactose intolerance by failing to responsibly inform their massive audience. Thanks to perpetual grand deception, by and large, developed countries have eagerly gagged back the mucous-laden moo-juice for far too long. I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers as a child the sing-along milk commercials, unbeknownst to us at the time, which were bought and paid for by the dairy industry. They successfully created an insatiable demand by targeting ads to kids during Saturday morning cartoons. And this nefarious tactic left lasting, life-long impressions that have likely affected incalculable numbers with inexplicable health effects and surely have caused nearly untraceable deaths. Milk is almost a perfect killer. But not quite perfect.

It’s no real wonder we bought the lies so completely. Just have a look through the friendly trustworthy faces of the Got Milk campaign over the decades and it’s easy to see how we never had a chance. It’s disturbing to note just how many among the familiar faces are people who allegedly support animal rights, environmentalism and now are known vegans. Some of them probably participated before they unplugged from the matrix.

I think the time is coming for a class-action lawsuit against the dairy industry for the generations of health damages and personal losses; for the needless suffering and deaths caused by pushing their product on an unsuspecting population. They bought the hearts, minds and stomachs of the public by paying billions for celebrity endorsements because they knew they’d be irresistible. And there’s the common thread in all advertising; the human psyche is highly vulnerable to suggestions from admired personalities.

Milk alone is a billion dollar industry but demand is shrinking. The complex of government, industry and producers are scrambling to defend their market and they’ll stop and nothing to protect their interests, even if it means perpetuating the healthy product mythology. In the US alone per-capita U.S. milk consumption is down 36% between 1970 and 2011 and it’s only getting worse – or better – depending on your perspective. I for one, will be enjoying coconut milk in all of its natural splendor.

Food for Thought. Who benefits if you stop consuming dairy?

  1. You do. You’ll immediately lose weight and all associated health effects will vanish.
  2. Cows. No dairy industry cruelty to mothers and babies.
  3. Fish and marine life. They deserve to be healthy too.
  4. Environment. Less hormones and harmful chemicals in the water or taken up into ecosystems.

About The Author


Brad Anthony is a Canadian ecologist and author who left his life behind to travel the world helping animals. He lives a simple, eco-savvy, mobile lifestyle, commonly found in a small village in Bali with a few of his closest monkey friends. Brad is the Founder of the Global Animal Welfare Development Society.

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